Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Ewenki: People Living in the Mountain Forests

Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang: Homeland of the Ewenki
The Ewenki live among the Mongolians, Daurs, Hans and Oroqens


There are 30,875 people apart of the Ewenki tribe. They were previously known as the Tungus until 1581. They speak Mongolian, Han, and Ewenki. They're religion is Shamanism and Lamaism. The Ewenkis Neighbors has always been the Russians and the Mongolians.


Members of the same clan were not permitted to marry on another, and those going against the is unwritten law wold be punished. An Ewenki wedding is an occasion for dancing and merry-making. "Escaping Marriage" was often used. Escaping marriage is when the grooms parents build a tent for the newlyweds without the brides parents knowing. The night of the weeding the bride sneaks out of her parent's tent with the groom and they ride off to the new tent which officially legalizes the marriage.

Homeland & Landscape:

  • The Ewenki live in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang
  • They are known as the people ho live in the mountains and forests
  • They live by Lake Baikal and Heilong River


The autonomous region has recorded 2,532 kinds of plants, 117 species of animals and 436 bird species, of which 66% are waterfowls. The birds under national first-class protection in the region are golden eagle, white crane, hooded crane, red-crowned crane, relict gull, chinese merganser, whooping swan, mute swan, and great bustard.


  •  By the 1600s the Ewenki started to migrate into China
  • They split into 3 Groups:
    • Foot
    • Horse
    • Reindeer

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